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Welcome to Hallelujah
Everyday Initiative

Your one-stop site for daily devotion, education, inspiration, word and prayer in Christ Jesus. Here the word of God is expressed in simple messages and love. Emphasis is on God through teachings, preachings and healing podcast messages and sermons.

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Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

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Emphasis is on God through teachings, preaching and healing, sermons and empowering the less privileged.

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We are a community unhindered by walls, borders or geograpical locations and believe there are miracles for everyone, everyday!

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We are Concerned With Helping People

What We Do

Hallelujah Everyday is a non denominational community of Christians who connect online to share the word of God across platforms.



Our programs help women & youths be better prepared for the future by developing them in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, innovation and 21st century skills.



We are dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of the abandoned and aim to provide succor for the abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable in society. We exist to ensure that the hopeless are adequately catered for.

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A cousin whom I sent the podcast messages to daily, recently told me how God raised her up from her sick bed after listening to your healing message on a Friday morning. She had been bedridden for 2 months. The next Friday, I listened to your message with a bottle of water in my hand. When you asked us to mention where we needed God's touch, I did and drank the water after. To God's glory, from that day, irritable bowel syndrome disappeared. I give God all the glory and thank you so much for allowing God to use you for humanity. Praise God

Lanre O Fadahunsi (Mrs), Lagos, Nigeria

I've come to return all the Glory, Honor, and Adorations to God almighty for his Love, Mercy and Healing Since on the 30th of July that I sent a message to you for prayers that I couldn't sleep because of the peppering sensation in my head, that you called and prayed with me sir, I have not felt it again.
I know of a truth God is using hallelujah everyday podcast sir to deliver his children.
May the anointing never run dry in Jesus mighty name.
Your hands will always be up in Jesus mighty name.
I'm thankful to God.
More Grace and Blessings in Jesus mighty name.

Ganiyat Banji , Addo Ekiti, Nigeria

Good morning sir, Praise be to God who has wiped away my tears. On Saturday I noticed that my freezer wasn't cooling at all I called a technician to check it after which he said the compressor is faulty and that I needed to buy another one I became down in my spirit to the extent that I cried my eyes out so much to the extent that my Bp increased. I was already thinking where I would get the sum of 24,000 to change the compressor a neighbour of mine kept telling me he isn't sure that the compressor is faulty and that he has a friend who is also a fridge technician. I listened to your podcast of yesterday that says always give thanks and I held unto the word of God by faith He invited his friend over to check yesterday and after the whole thing lo and behold to the glory of God and to the shame of devil he just flush out the accumulated dirt and refill the compressor with gas and my freezer started cooling again I ended up spending only 8,000 for this to God be all the glory.

Ofei Phina, Nigeria
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