March 4, 2021

Benjamin Franklin
“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”

Never be too big to say you are sorry.
.mankind and civilizations have gone through many wars and so many battles. nations,families,friends ,corporate entities,interests,
communities and politics have caused clashes.many have made so many others cry .So many have made unnecessary enemies in life because of stuborness,arrogance,
pride and outright stupidity .

many homes destroyed,many would husbands lost ,many wives also lost all because pride set in and not one or the,other was ready to sheath sword.many in leadership have lost followers all for not acknowledging when they went wrong.many destinies wasted and so many people suffering.A 5 letter word called SORRY from the heart can change all things for the better once spoken.

Mathew 5 :23,24
23 Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you.Leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

Sorry is a simple 5 letter word that cover pain,restrain and arrest anger .it heals wounds in the heart.

unnecessary pain is inflicted on hearts when a simple word should have been said at the right time.
when you hurt people or a person be ready to say ”l am sorry’ it doesn’t take anything from you.

#I am sorry means please forgive me for what I did wrong.
#i am sorry mean I acknowledge my fault
# I am sorry is a sign of humility
# I am sorry reveals the stuff you are made of
# I am sorry means I got it all wrong and I acknowledge my error.
#I am sorry indicates you are broken
# I am sorry is a sign of greatness.atimes to conquer you need to stop low.
If indeed you are a child of God nothing will be too big for you to apologise for especially when you are wrong.
Bible say by their fruit you shall know them.
Sometimes we might offend or sin against friends and family,colleagues,neighbors and if this happens as Christians we are to confess our sins to God, and apologize to that person.

Everything we do must be sincere. Always learn to fix relationship with others and pray for others instead of keeping pride and stubbornness in their hearts. Don’t let guilt linger in your heart. Go apologize, say I’m sorry, and make things right.a simple but powerful word.am sorry endears people to you and gives you friends but pride arrogance creates enemies for you.
Child of God learn to say sorry before it’s too late.while we are alive let’s humble ourselves acknowledge our errors say sorry without doubt or prejudice.it doesn’t take anything from us to say sorry.let go and let God reign in your heart today.God bless your labour today
I dip all prayer requests received via phone calls,via WhatsApp I dip them all into the blood of Jesus .it is settled in Jesus name.

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