1 April 2021
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Welcome to the month April the beginning of the second quarter . This is hallelujah everyday podcast am your friend and host Pastor Leke Toba. On behalf of my team i say happy new month and God bless you exceedingly and abundantly this month.

pls stretch forth your hands as we pray the glory of the month to bless us all in Jesus name.

.Lord we thank and bless your holy name for the month of April a month of great doors opening and great manifestations.

You are better than the best, greater than all, excellent and mighty, Jehovah the king of kings and lord of lords. As we step out into this new day and new month do something beyond imagination ,glorify yourself in our lives in our homes.

Let your joy well up in homes, in careers, in health and in faith in the name of Jesus.

Let your wondrous power and presence envelope us all in the name of Jesus.

Mathew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible

Lord what men say is not achievable do the impossible for everyone saying amen .

Do it for them in Jesus name.
Let there be joy
Let there be glory
Let there be peace in our hearts, peace in our homes.
Let doors ,gates of peace be opened into this listener in the name of Jesus.
Let doors and gates of unexpected miracles attract you in the name of Jesus.
Let this month usher in showers of blessings, opportunities in careers and coast enlargement, let divine push take place in lives and families.

Restore the joy of salvation and renew the right spirit within all listeners. Let stubborn situations give way ,
let the sick be made whole again,

Every case that medically was termed terminal let restoration take place in Jesus name. Let there be divine connections for marital breakthroughs for spinster, bachelors.
Let there be fruitfulness in wombs looking to you o Lord ,open eyes of the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lawful captive set them free. Let stony hearts melt and tremble in the name of Jesus.

Let the holyspirit flow in our hearts. teach us your ways o lord to serve sincerely and faithfully. Teach us to number our days in fear and faithfulness to you. Let your glory overshadow this listener in Jesus name. amen

God bless you this month with great testimonies, open doors, open gates of excellence ,favor and leading of the holyspirit in Jesus mighty name we pray.


  1. ,Thank God for the new month

  2. oladele

    the month of April will bring good tidings

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