21 March 2021
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Sunday 21st March Podcast


Today we take a deep walk into Christian faith .

Dwelling in peace with all and holy living..
The Christian faith is a walk of faith ,peace, love, holiness, prayer and more.
The Christian faith has its trials ,temptations but in all everything is surmountable. We have assurance given and exhibited by the loving God Almighty ,a promise to be with us even to the end of time.

God has expectations from us and gave us his only begotten son Jesus Christ to teach us and remind us through the holy spirit all he wants us to know and to do as we walk the earth in our dealings

In the Niv version of the bible :HEBREWS 12:14 it’s written.
Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

So it’s important not only to be at peace with yourself but also at peace with all. Regardless of gender, creed, religion, cadre, strata in society ,even with those who despise you it’s good to be at peace with them .let your hands and your ways be clean.
when the ways of a man is pleasing to God even his enemies will be at peace with him.

Now back to the original text of our discuss.
Peace with all and holiness.
You cant claim to be holy when you are not at peace with those around you.

Regardless your your religious affiliation and doctrine, holiness and peace are activators of God presence in any life, family or nation.

There are no shut cuts to enjoying the intervention
of God except you do what is right be at peace and live a holy life.

Jesus taught us how to be holy
.1: light of God must shine in you always.
2: love :Learn to love people not sexual orgies .Love people genuinely ,be sacrificial. Care about people
3: live a sanctifying life .That means making yourself a temple of purity ,dedicated to God. Don’t allow darkness defile the temple of God .you are the temple of God. keep the temple clean, pure. A reasonable and acceptable sacrifice to God.

4: live a life of truth
.truth is the only thing that stands test of time. Evil never last.it has expiry date.
5:live by the word of God. Mathew 4:4 says
Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Live by what God says

6: hear this men are moved by what they see and women by what they hear. What do I mean .every man who really wants to go far spiritually must control where the eyes stray to. Don’t be carried away by curves of beautiful women. Don’t lust after them.
Conquering all sort of women in bed does not make you a strong man or a champion. its only a sign of wasted and fragmented destiny. i repeat wasted destiny jumping from one lap to the other.
Remember David’s eyes strayed to Bathsheba while she took her bath .it led to evil upon evil until God dealt with him.

As for women also be careful what and who you listen to. many ignorant woman have been deceived and life destroyed by men with sweet manipulative tongues.

7: How you dress determines how you will be addressed. if you dress descent you will be addressed descent. you cant claim to be holy and your outward appearance is suggesting or inviting the opposite sex to lust.no way
Do not be mocked God can not be deceived.

child of God holiness is a must if we must see God. you cant be holy and still go to ritualistic, herbalists, shrines and mediums.no way.
When you follow Jesus you will be conscious of all you do .

Holiness gives audacity, assurance ,boldness and faith. you will not struggle to pray and it takes you closer to God.

Have you been wondering why some people pray little and get better results. its as result of holiness and peace present in them.

I will stop here for today. But remember holiness and peace with all is an important aspect of Christianity. Don’t ignore these important areas of Christianity.

Now talk to God today.

Ask the lord to cleanse you ,make your pure, righteous and holy in the name of Jesus.

Ask the lord to deliver you from self.
Ask of the Almighty God to show you mercy.
Ask the holyspirit  to renew the right spirit within you.

Ask the holyspirit to help you love all without offence.

Ask the holyspirit to touch your heart, to touch your spirit, to touch your tongue ,to touch every aspect of your life. ask the holyspirit to guide you daily in the part of holiness and peace with all in JESUS name. Amen.

Today I pray .The holyspirit will guide you all the way in spirit and in truth in Jesus name.
Every strange manifestations in your life against the will of God be destroyed in Jesus name. let the blood Jesus envelope your life in Jesus name.

Sunday 21st March Podcast

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