28 May 2021
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Remember distance is no barrier to the prayer. Let your amen roar like thunder as we pray Father in the name of Jesus I pray for this listener , let the door of mercy be opened unto you in the name of Jesus. Bible says who is he that speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken. Every voice of darkness, every altar of diviners, every prophet and prophetess of darkness raising curses upon you.let the power in the blood of Jesus run them mad and waste them in the name of Jesus. Powers that sponsor failure at the edge of breakthrough let their cleverly calculated agenda backfire, backfire , backfire in the name of Jesus. Anywhere the sand beneath your feet ,sand at the gate of your house, sand under the sole of tour shoes have been taken to turn your day into night, to turn your glory into shame, to turn your laughter into tears they shall be consumed with disgrace in the name of Jesus. Blankets of failure shame and disgrace will not be your lot in the name of Jesus. Every mysterious battle beyond your understanding, mysterious fear, mysterious strangers in your dream, mysterious occurrences I put a barricade of the blood of Jesus into your life to filter, to r eject, to cleanse and to purify only good things into your life. from today only good things will locate you. if you receive this prayer shout a loud amen.

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