March 25, 2021

Thursday 25th March Podcast.
John 8:32
Proverbs 23:23

It’s a great day to be blessed. welcome to your one stop daily devotional ,inspirational podcast channel.
This is HALLELUJAH EVERYDAY your friend and host Pastor Leke Toba.

Its good morning from here. and God bless you.
Today I need you to pause, search your heart ,ask yourself questions and tell your self some home truth.

Every falsehood have EXPIRY date .but truth always stand test of time.

Truth reveals light
Truth heals wounds
Truth DESTROYS lies
Truth brings peace
Truth gives life
Truth protects
Truth prevails
Truth exposes falsehood.

John 8:32
Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
Proverbs 23:23 says buy the truth and sell it not

The truth you need to ask and tell yourself.

1: can God trust you with his resources?
2: since Jesus died for you. What value have you added to others and to his kingdom?
3:you need to ask yourself :Are you a builder or a destroyer of the works of God. What are you doing for God?

Once you have asked yourself these few questions then you need to tell yourself some bitter truth
1:prayer doesn’t make a person rich,

2: you are whatever your conscience, what ever your heart tells you that you are.

3: understand that whatever you desire for good to have.think it,confess it,believe it and work it out.or else poverty will be knocking.

4: you need to tell yourself your tomorrow is dependent on how you handle your today.

5: whatever th battles may be confronting you.for it to vanish or remain is totally dependent on you.

6: the quality of your faith determines what you will get

7: fear DESTROYS things while faith builds things


8: tell yourself this bitter truth, if your absence is not felt in a place then your presence was never needed it such place.

9: no matter how powerful the enemy is. Unless you give them opportunity they can do nothing.

10: the gospel is not free. Jesus paid the ultimate price .The disciples died very painful death for the gospel to get to us today.
Paul was beheaded
Peter was crucified upside down
Thomas was pierced by 4 soldiers.
Mathew was stabbed to death in Ethiopia
Simon was killed in Persia for refusing to make sacrifice to the sun God.

Many disciples suffered and died for the gospel. but John the beloved was cast into boiling oil yet he escaped and exiled to island of pathos where he wrote book of revelation.

What sacrifices are you making for the gospel.
Did they die for us to be making a mockery of Christianity. did they die for us to turn the churn into an entertainment house. Did they die for the altar to become a place for beauty pageant.
Is this what they died for.
Today go back to God and ask him to help you not to fail but to succeed in this heavenly race.
Go back to God today ask him to touch you afresh and renew the right spirit within you.

Now I pray .The presence of God will be with you. The mercy of God will speak for you. You will not be put to shame.
You will not be cut down.
You will not become a shadow in the land of the living.
However the waves of the pandemic it will not come near you in Jesus name.
Your miracles will stand you out .I cover you with the blood of Jesus name I pray amen

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