March 28, 2021

Pls Open your hands now to receive a blessing and keep saying amen.

Psalm 89:20
I have found My servant David; With My holy oil I have anointed him,.

There is oil that brings increase,enlargement of coast,peace,joy
As Samuel carried the Oil that made David King and did not lose his Direction until he found David, God will order somebody who is carrying your breakthrough oil to locate you today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Today, God shall be there for you at every point of your need. The blessings of God shall not pass you. His glory shall surely manifest in your life. May those who stand on your progress stumble and fall, and may all the curses from your enemies be turned into blessing.

Mordecai was ordinary but God turn him from ordinary to extraordinary .God will do for you more and beyond this season in Jesus name.
The God that surprised esther in the bible will visit you.

Ruth was already written off but God changed the history to give her a great name and story .The God I call upon however bad your case may be Jehovah the Almighty God will visit you in Jesus name.
Hear this
The Lord does not just bless – He multiplies! Genesis 13:2 says that Abraham was very rich in livestock and in silver and in gold.

The God of abraham, isaac and israel will give you increase.
Increase in the field,increase in the stores,increase in joy,increase in peace,increase in laughter,increase in favour,increase in health, increase in good things in Jesus name.

The blessings of God does not come with any sorrow.As march is coming to a close.may all BATTLES confronting you be turned to victory in jesus name.
God will order and confirm your steps as the month is ticking out .God almighty will do for you what no man can do in jesus name.

Today I pray for all requests sent in .I dip them all into the blood of Jesus. From the first to the last .heaven put a seal of approval on them all in Jesus name

We cant round up the podcast without acknowledging and celebrating those having birthday and wedding anniversaries today.God bless and enlarge your joy.may the season bring you good tidings in Jesus name.

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Have a wonderful day in Jesus name.amen amen and amen.

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