The Push and divine influence you need

4 March 2021
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Everyone born of a woman require a push to discover /realize /get to where God needs them to be.some push are divinely ochestrated and in some cases by men.Time and chance may play out but nothing happens without heavenly influence.

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However your time zone from here it’s good morning and God bless you.Am your friend and host pastor LEKE toba.

Prov 16:12
man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Listen to this.

The shame and mockery of Joseph in his journey of destiny had heavens backing in order for him to get to his place of glory.From grass to grace.God may permit a non-sense for a while only to bring out the sense for you to fulfil.
how can it be that the children of Israel where pushed to the boundaries of the red sea, no where to run , enemy troops aproaching and then ,all of a sudden the gates of red sea ( never phantomed , never imagined opened up for
isreal to pass).

God’s miracles are everyday.Protocols will be suspended, normal operations of nature overruled unimaginable divine influence will come forth for you in Jesus name.

If you must cry then it must be tears of joy
If you must beg then it’s for people to join you in celebrating.Peter toiled all night yet caught nothing.A professional, a specialist.He had been in the trade of fishing for many years.he knew the hour, the tide that comes with fishes, the place to cast nets but yet caught nothing.

Nobody rises without an influence.jesus called out to him Peter cast your net at the right side.
Peter must have thought what is this man say? I toiled all night with no result and this man Jesus insist I cast down again.

Reluctantly he obeyed “Bible makes me understand he caught fishes beyond imagination.peter had to call for help.if you will need help today and henceforth it will be to bless people.

Blind bathemeus called out ” Jesus son of David have mercy on me” but the people tried shouting him down.This fueled him the more.The circumstances increased his tempo of shout till he got Jesus attention and his deliverance.

If anyone born of a woman or spirit have sworn to press down your head , you will rise higher in 1000 fold.The more they press you the more you will rise in Jesus name.

when others say there is a casting down you will say there is a lifting up
Joseph was lifted
Bateumus was lifted
Moses was lifted
David was lifted
Paul was lifted
Esther was lifted
Ruth was lifted
Abraham was lifted
The list is endless

I say : you are next for a lifting up in Jesus name.
Child of God before every lifting there are instructions to be obeyed.check out all those who got lifting in Bible they followed instructions or obeyed a call.Today I put before you a choice to obey God or obey the devil.For me it’s God.

Repeat after me
Lord Jesus I come to you today forgive me for all my errors, mistakes, trespasses write my name in the book of life,make me a candidate of your kingdom.i surrender all to Jesus today .Holy spirit take me ,mould me, use me as you will.Thank you lord for it is settled in Jesus name

:lay right hand on your head.say after me

My head you are a symbol of my glory.You are the head and not the tail.I am a victor not a victim,I will not be wasted,I am for signs and wonder,I am above always,I am for blessings and not curses,I am for favour today and always, anywhere I go glory will be with me, evil will not see me,I cant call on Jesus and end up in shame .today and always all my heart desires in fear of God will manifest in Jesus name.

Happy birthday and happy wedding anniversary to all those having special occasions today .God bless and keep you greater,better and blessed in Jesus name.

Remember ,hallelujah prayer hour zoom meeting comes up on Thursday 8th October ,10pm prompt .
West african will also be streaming live on hallelujah everyday facebook page.make it a date.the zoom id and other details will be online on our pages.its going to be brief and some serious word and prayers.God willing to address different situations.

Thanks for listening. And remember there are miracles from God for you everyday .have a wonderful day in Jesus name.amen amen and amen.

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